Congratulations to Trowbridge Plastic Free Champions!

Six Trowbridge businesses have been declared ‘Plastic Free Champions’ by the Cornish organisation SAS.

Trowbridge’s Plastic Free Champions include the zero-waste refill store We Are Undressed,  speciality coffee suppliers Dusty ApeThe Beauty Hut in Castle Street,  D’Lash Bar beauty salon, Miranda’s Coffee Shop at Drawing Projects UK in Stallard Street and Beetees Cafe & Bar in Market Street.

The Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce applied for the  Plastic Free Champion awards on behalf a number of local businesses that have been taking measures to reduce the amount of plastic used in their every day business.

By focusing on reducing or removing plastic bottles, disposable coffee cups, food packaging, straws, balloons and bathroom plastics, these independents are driving the change we need to see on our high streets to stem the plastic tide at source.Nearly 700 UK businesses now have a Plastic Free Champion award and hundreds more are working towards it.

Several applications weren’t successful on this occasion, as SAS felt that more could be done, but after taking further measures they can reapply. Those that were successful were commended for demonstrating a real commitment to effective change and helping bring about a shift in our buying and lifestyle habits.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE A PLASTIC FREE CHAMPION?  If you are taking measures to reduce the amount of plastic used  in your business and would like to be a Plastic Free Champion, please email Kez at the Chamber of Commerce at for further details.

Together we can kick our addiction to single-use plastic and change the system that produces it.  Spread the word!

TOP PHOTO: Phil and the Dusty Ape team with their Plastic Free Champion certificates

Congratulations to The Beauty Hut in Castle Street

Congratulations to D-Lash beauty salon in Roundstone Street

Congratulations to Leyla Bakali-Laughton, owner of We Are Undressed, Trowbridge’s first zero-waste refill shop selling plastic & packaging free wholefoods and eco-friendly products.

Miranda with her Plastic Free Champion certificate at Miranda’s Coffee Shop at Drawing Projects UK in Stallard Street.

Great job Beetees Cafe & Bar in Market Street!

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